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Much of this site is dedicated to educating visitors about what we believe to be the essential genius of Anglicanism and the potential negative consequences of adopting the Anglican Covenant now before Anglican churches.

On this page, we offer resources you can use to further this educational work in your own church, as well as items that don’t fit comfortably elsewhere on our site. We encourage you to


browse through what we offer here and consider how you can use this material in your home parishes, dioceses, and churches.

Feel free to suggest additional material that can be posted here and used by others in the campaign to prevent the radical re-definition of Anglicanism.

Logos & Logo Merchandise

Our No Anglican Covenant logos may be used by those opposed to the Anglican Covenant. Information concerning its use and samples of the logos in various sizes can be found here. Additionally, Lionel Deimel, designer of the original logo, offers a variety of merchandise sporting the logo at his Farrago Gift Shop, which we invite you to visit.

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A Hymn

It is difficult to imagine a hymn opposing the Anglican Covenant, but we can recommend a hymn inspired by Anglican conflicts that celebrates what we believe is a cornerstone of Anglicanism.

Many who want authority centralized in the Anglican Communion and who see the Covenant as a mechanism to accomplish that view either tradition or scripture as the primary source of Anglican authority. We believe, however, that Richard Hooker’s trio of scripture, tradition, and reason is essential to authentic Anglicanism. (See Introducing the No Anglican Covenant Coalition and the No Anglican Covenant Web Site.)

The hymn “Authorities,” inspired by a hymn emphasizing scripture, speaks to tradition and reason, in addition to scripture. (You can also read a fuller explanation of the origin of the new hymn.) “Authorities” may be freely reproduced for non-commercial use if the author is credited. We would appreciate your telling us how you have used the hymn by sending e-mail.



In this season of conflict within the Anglican Communion, it seems especially appropriate to pray for the unity of our churches and for the unity of the Communion itself. We have prepared a page of relevant prayers for the purpose.

A Unity Poem

We believe that unity within the Anglican Communion does not demand the lockstep conformity implied in the Anglican Covenant. The brief poem “Christian Unity” below questions the value of religious disputes that cannot be resolved definitively. This poem may be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes if the author is credited.

Christian Unity

Around the table gathered, we
Are one in sweet community,
For Christ has ransomed one and all
Who answer to his loving call.

We worship God in many ways;
We celebrate on different days;
But Jesus is the guiding star
For Christians near and Christians far.

God’s plan for us is seldom clear;
We may a different drummer hear;
Yet, if we study and we pray,
The kingdom will be ours some day.

So let us vow to never fight
About who’s wrong and who is right
Concerning truths we cannot know
That turn our Christian friend to foe.

And let our worship fit our needs;
Let us unite in Christian deeds;
May we God’s love and mercy show
To those who don’t the Savior know.

—Lionel Deimel

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